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From the hills of 'Almost Heaven'...

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Welcome to our maple syrup adventure!

Heasley Homestead combines sap from the West Virginia

sugar maple and the red maple into a

naturally delicious syrup that's hard to resist. 

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Since 2015, Keith Heasley has been tapping maple trees at the Heasley Homestead in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. Since that first year, he has refined the technique and incorporated industry improvements to help perfect the process. Colorful blue and green tubing connects these majestic trees and, when the time is right, the cold nights and warm days of late winter and early spring offer up that sweet goodness. Red maple and sugar maple trees come together here to create a uniquely flavorful syrup in amber, dark and very dark grades.


The collected maple sap, which looks and mostly tastes like water, is first run through a reverse osmosis machine to remove water and focus on the sugar. The sugar concentrate is then boiled in an evaporator (kinda like a big wood stove) to bring out that wonderful maple syrup flavor. It's then filtered and bottled.

That's all. Nothing added. Pure maple syrup from pure maple trees. 


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"Great syrup - unique flavor - buy it by the gallon!"

— Lea White C.


"There's obviously a lot of care, hard work, and maybe even a little bit of nature's magic in their products-- best syrup we've ever had."

— Adam Webster

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It's hard to find a food or drink that doesn't pair well with maple syrup. Use as a coffee or tea sweetener, on pancakes or waffles, or as a glaze on your baked salmon. Even brussels sprouts taste good when prepared with maple syrup! 

Maple is a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. It contains numerous antioxidants, and supplies important vitamins and minerals, including zinc, manganese, potassium and calcium.

Remember to refrigerate syrup after opening. Fun fact…you can store syrup in the freezer. It gets thicker but won’t freeze!

Alternate Ordering Options:

To order locally and pay via cash or check, fill out our contact form and specify your items in the message area. We will be in touch to arrange pickup or delivery.

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Flat Rate Shipping:

We use USPS flat rate priority boxes to ship our maple products. Orders will ship in 1-2 business days after being placed and will take 2-3 business days to arrive at their destination.

The medium USPS flat rate shipping box is $14.35 and can hold:

  • 4 quarts

  • 2 quarts plus 1 half gallon

  • 1 gallon

The large USPS flat rate shipping box is $19.95 and can hold:

  • 1 gallon plus 1 half gallon

  • 1 gallon plus 2 quarts

We are always happy to put together a custom order. Please contact us to get an estimate to ship a custom order before completing checkout.

Local Contributors

We are grateful to have the support of our neighbors in this adventure. These maple mayhem contributors get our heartfelt thanks. 

  • Donna Britton

  • The Josephs

  • Mark Cole

  • Delford Hoover

  • Phyllis Thomas


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